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This game was really nice! I felt like I could relate to the over thinking that Samantha was displaying. The art was very pretty, and the story was great!

This was really nice! I would have liked it more if there was a history menu option or an option to rollback the dialogue since a couple of times I clicked twice by accident and missed a line of dialogue. Other than that, I really like the art and animation! It's really cute!

Cute game it definitely did remind me of someone I know.

this was really nice. i often think of worst-case scenarios, and get nervous facing others i'm not familar with. even the simplest things can be so hard sometimes.. thank you for representating that! :)

Won't open for whatever reason

extract it then

Loved the game and the story.


v relatable :^(

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I loved this game so much! 12341/10 Great job, developers! <3

is it free


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I related to this so hard. I hope Samantha makes some friends in college, and by extention I hope I will too...

I absolutely loved this game. It is short, simple, cute, has intresting artwork. I think that i enjoyed my time with it. It felt like it was 5 minutes. I would like more, but you know where to stop. Like there are games which i didn't end because they were TOO long. Like extremely long.  I also have meet and understand the character. Samantha is cute and lovely but extremely akward. I don't think that there is something that bad with this game, but please make it full and make it longer. Make it like 6 hours of gameplay. So overall, 8/10.

How do I play this??? I downloaded the file and now I don't know what to do


Me tooooooooooo


Cool game. After a couple of tries I was finally able to eat instead of having a breakdown.

Welcome to the life of an average introvert, where having a short conversation and forgetting your keys is so insanely draining that it makes you question your existence and have a mental breakdown.

Never have I so excessively celebrated microwaving oatmeal.

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pretty art ♥

I hope you don't mind but I really enjoyed your game and, as someone who struggles with anxiety as well, I felt that I could really connect with Sam! Anyway, because I loved the game so much I decided to post a gameplay video of it on my small gaming channel, I'll link it below and I'd really appreciate it if you checked it out!

this game is so amazing! i had a great experience and it was my first time using so this game gave me a positive impact. will u be making anymore games? :o

Just finished playing it and it was an incredible experience. I think you can say that it's all about perspective. If you've never experienced anxiety or depression, this game might seem silly to you. It's just about a college girl, making herself a cup of oatmeal during the night. No biggie, right? Well, that's where you're wrong. It might seem an ordinary task to you but for someone like Samantha, achieving small tasks is as hard as running a marathon. And that's what this game manages to portray beautifully.

So relatable! I always imagine myself in the worst scenarios ever. I too question almost all of my decisions and steps. Can't imagine myself living in such a public place as a dorm.. Quirky, cute artwork and display! Samantha, my girl, I feel ya!

4 years later and I'm living in a dorm. How ironic.

how do you open the download?

Really wanted to play this and do a Let's Play, but every time I launch the game it says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

Running Windows 7 64bit

AMD FX-8350 OC 4.2GHz

GTX 660Ti

8GB DDR3 RAM (2x4GB)

it is running off of my external drive but I've never really had a problem with that.

Fantastic game that I can totally relate to on some level

I had just returned to my desk with a bowl of oatmeal I was holding with my shirt when I played this

get out of my head samantha

Please remember that most of what I express in this video is strictly my own personal feelings and that you are all entitled to your own opinions. That being said you can't let your crippling self-doubt control your life. You've got to power through the shit and make the best of what you've got.

can u download this game on a chromebook??

Aaaa this game is so cute and like,,I feel u Sam,I too love oatmeal and hate public settings

Holy crap, I love this. It reminded me of my best friend who is an introvert. See, I'm mostly an extrovert, so every time Sam hesitated, I literally said "Girly, get your crap together!" XD I enjoyed this game, even though it took me so long to realize I had to grab the keys first. O_O* But anyways, thank you for making this game for all the extroverts to get a peek into the life of an introvert. ^-^ (Sorry for my rambling)


thank you so much!

Waouh! This game was really funny ! I really enjoyed it ;) and I did a gameplay:

Thanks for this game !